Fairpartners for Purchasing and Procurement

When purchasing products for your company, you get an idea of how troublesome it can be to identify the right suppliers, to contact these and work out all the important and necessary information.

The internet is not necessarily a great help at that either. Too much information, little clarity and no support whatsoever in communication with suppliers.

Fairpartners is a platform designed to meet your exact needs in purchasing. Quick, convenient and secure. 

Supplier-searching for days?

We thought there had to be a more comfortable solution for that also.


Finding the right supplier

Use our comprehensive business directory for a convenient search.

  • Examining company profiles
  • Getting detailed information
  • Identifying person in charge
  • Defining cluster of suppliers


Aimed information gathering

Address suppliers directly and clarify open questions with ease.

  • Exploring without obligation
  • Benefiting from Best Practices
  • Observing Quick Post traffic
  • Addressing defined circles of recipients with a Quick Post


Obtaining offers comfortably

Systematic inquiries and sensible offer comparisons.

  • Obtaining binding offers
  • Multilevel procurement processes
  • Organizing auctions
  • Full documentation
  • Including own circles of suppliers

Contact our Customer Service now. All further questions regarding our services and licenses will be answered there.



Get a qualified overview; quicker, easier and free of charge.

Use our business directory for a quick overview on suitable suppliers in the region that you require.

ACTION License

Tender your requirements comfortably and securely.

Gather information and offers on products and services by selected and qualified suppliers with no obligation for you.


You have more specific requirements or a particular request?

Talk to us on how Fairpartners could make your life easier and your preferences for a better outcome for your company:

Reach us at our German landline:
+49 6102 8631-900

Purchase and Procurement on Fairpartners – More questions in mind?

Are there any appropriate suppliers that exactly meet my needs?

There are thousands of companies on Fairpartners. We can’t tell for sure, whether there is an exactly suitable supplier that will meet all your requirements. Yet you will sure get an idea very fast when browsing the directory. Register for free and search the business directory for relevant keywords and find out how and if Fairpartners eases your work. Let us know, in case of the contrary.

What support does Fairpartners offer in regards of supplier searches?

If you wish, you can hand in your requirements to our customer service by e-mail or phone (+49 6102 8631-900). We will make sure to get appropriate suppliers with all the necessary information onto the platform, in order for you to invite desired ones to your tenders.

What about my suppliers who are not yet on Fairpartners?

You can also invite your existing circle of suppliers from within the system and go on taking advantage of the convenient functions for procurement transactions with your usual suppliers.

Also, we are happy to help you with ramping on your existing pool of suppliers. You hand in your list, we get it done. Simple as that. For this matter, please get in contact with our customer service: via e-mail or phone: +49 6102 8631-900.

As a registered purchaser, will I be overwhelmed with offers?

As a purchaser you only consume that amount of information you want to. Suppliers do have the option to specifically provide you special information and to submit particular offers. These different types of information are very carefully listed and comfortable to overview. We make sure, you only note the exact information that is of interest to you.

As a purchaser, is gathering information necessarily binding?

You sure can ask diverse circles of suppliers to provide specific information that is of interest for your proposition without any obligations for you.

„You have specific questions or requests for your purchasing department? Lose no time, call us. We are happy to help.”

Customer Service: +49 6102 8631-900