Fairpartners for Sales and Marketing

If you are looking for new and interesting business contacts for your company, you know that it is not due to a stroke of luck, whether one is found, but the result of clever groundwork: presenting one’s own products and services the best possible and thus the addressing of specifically relevant purchasers. Business networks on the internet are indeed personally helpful but too often not effective enough when it comes to concrete and targeted business dealings.

Fairpartners is a platform that is constructed in a way that enables you as a supplier to purposefully respond to enquiries of potential customers and submit your apposite bid. 

Make use of the Fairpartners Network for your online marketing as well. An additional valuable presence for your company and your products: Being better noticed in important topic areas – if desired with a free external company profile that is search engine relevant.

Distributing brochures en masse?

We thought there had to be a more effective solution for this also.


Being found as a supplier

Present your company, products and services with your profile.

  • Setting up company profiles
  • Providing detailed information
  • Naming person of contact
  • Being invited into restricted supplier circles


Addressing customer needs

Communicate actively to address and resolve outstanding issues.

  • Showing examples of Best Practices
  • Communicating innovations
  • Publishing own, recent news
  • Writing Quick Posts to a defined circle of recipients


Submitting conclusive offers

Place bids, submit offers, participate in auctions, be responsive.

  • Being specifically inquired
  • Viewing open requests
  • Submitting offers, placing bids
  • Participating in auctions


The first impression.

A free Connect License allows you to make your company visible on Fairpartners and also to get a first impression of the platform.

→ More Info:

ACTION License

Get actively involved.

With a fee-based Action License you have full access to the whole scope of Fairpartners Services. Your sales does not need to wait for calls for tenders, but can proactively reach out to potential customers.

→ More Info:
ACTION License

Contact our Customer Service now. All further questions regarding our services and licenses will be answered there.


Sales & Marketing on Fairpartners – More questions in mind?

Do I find any relevant tenders in my company’s industry here?

There are numerous tender exercises on Fairpartners on a daily basis. Yet only 1 percent of all these actions are made “public”. In the remaining 99 percent of the cases, purchasers address only a defined group of companies.

What you can do? Represent your company: Update your Company Profile. A meaningful and informative profile raises interest in your company. Highlight your company: Use Best Practices and Quick Posts to highlight the qualities and all the expertise your company has to offer.

Restricted circles are not impervious, but pose a challenge. Take up to it. Don’t forget: Being noted means getting invited.

How is a company profile best set up?

A good guide can be found here:

Set up Company Profiles (PDF)

How do I best draw attention to my company?

Get active! With Quick Posts and Best Practices you can provide expertise and know-how of your company, increase your reach and by doing so, establish a corporate network.

Learn here how to work with it and what you gain from it:

Your company will attend an upcoming trade fair? You updated your website? You have started a discount promotion? You have an innovative idea that you want to present your target audience? You name it, you share it.

Fairpartners_Quick-Posts_Juli-2014 (PDF)

Does your company also have content and expertise, which you want to share and make available for others? Here is the perfect place for your technical presentations, lectures and white papers. Listed as a Best Practice document on Fairpartners they underscore the competence and quality of your business.

Fairpartners_Best-Practices_Juli-2014 (PDF)

Who appears at the top in the search results within the business directory?

Due to the large number of listed companies, search result lists may become longer. In this case, those companies appear at the top that have a full profile and are particularly active on Fairpartners.

Thus, every company has the chance to be right at the top.

Is my company profile visible externally?

You can make the most important parts of your profile externally visible. Your Short Profile can then be found by search engines also.

What can Quick Posts be used for?

With 140 characters – the possibility of an attachment included – you can inform either thousands of companies or solely a selected group about your offer or search. A supplier? A solution? New customer?

Your company will attend an upcoming trade fair? You updated your website? You have started a discount promotion? You have an innovative idea that you want to present your target audience? You name it, you share it.

“You want to know how your sales or marketing can benefit best possible from Fairpartners? Give us a call, we are here for your questions.”

Customer Service: +49 6102 8631-900