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ACTION License

Free of charge for everybody Free of charge for everybody
Setting up a Company Profile
Publishing an External Short Profile
Searching the Fairpartners Business Directory
Reading Quick Posts
Publishing Quick Posts
Reading Best Practices
Publishing Best Practices
Requesting for Information
Requesting for Proposal
Being invited into restricted circles of suppliers, instant information via e-mail
Reading tender details, submitting offers
Support by the Fairpartners Communication Center
Daily updates via e-mail: Fairpartners Market View

Companies and Users

On Fairpartners companies operate. However, licenses are not acquired for a company but for each registered employee of a company. This ensures a fair balance between large companies with many users and smaller companies with few users.

Initial Registration and the Administrator

The person registering a company for the first time receives a Connect License and administrator rights for the company. The administrator sets company-wide valid settings and registers additional colleagues as needed. He/she administers licenses and authorization rights. A company may have multiple administrators; administrator rights may be transferred or withdrawn.

Licences and Authorization Rights

The types of tools a user may utilize depend upon the user’s license and authorization rights. Here is an example: You can administrate a Company Profile with a free Connect License. Yet this is only possible with the authorization rights to edit the profile, which is granted by the administrator.